In 8 simple but powerful steps, I’ll show you how to craft a proposal that:

  • Inspires confidence in your skills
  • Positions you as a trusted expert
  • Shows you understand the client’s needs
  • Demonstrates your value as a consultant

You’ll also discover the most effective ways to:

  • Embed a project plan in your proposal
  • Manage the client’s expectations
  • Protect yourself from scope creep
  • Secure your payment terms

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Following an extensive career in public and community sector health agencies in NSW and SA , Jacq successfully transitioned to solo consultant in 2000. Jacq’s varied career has given her a sound understanding of the health system and she has experience at many levels, from the community sector through to the state Departmental level.

Jacq is passionate about the delivery of high quality, equitable and affordable healthcare and to contributing to making the Australian public health system the very best it can be. She understands its challenges and complexities, and thrives in environments where critical thinking and insightful communication are needed.

After enjoying a successful career as a consultant, Jacq has made it her mission to help others who are just starting out on their consulting journey. She now offers training and free resources for new consultants to the public sector.

Jacq Hackett